ANNIT titanium ring 6mm


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  • A modern and timeless titanium ring from RICH.STYLE. Precisely made of high quality titanium in the highest quality in a traditional company in southern Germany.

    The Abelsonite Ring is by its rounded shape outside very comfortable to wear. The titanium makes it Robust and Lightweight which makes it the perfect companion for any life situation. It deliberately shows processing traces, so it gets its unique effect and an eye-catching, stylish appearance is guaranteed.

    Model number 113-0064
    Color titanium colored
    Material Titanium
    Surface matt
    Ring - shape (outside) rounded
    Ring - shape (inside) cambered (rounded)
    Ring width 6 mm
    Ring height 1,8 mm

    • Titanium metal in high quality (Grade 5)
    • Hypoallergenic and skin friendly
    • 100 % nickel free
    • resistant
    • waterproof & corrosion resistant / Safe for swimming and showering
    • including ring case
    F: Aus welchem Material sind die Produkte von Rich.Stil?
    A: Aus Titan
    F: Ist Titan Nickelfrei?
    A: Ja

    Advantages of titanium


    Corrosion Resistant


    50% Lighter than Steel


    Suitable for allergy sufferers

    Miracle metal of modern times

    Why titanium?

    There is also a reason for this, because titanium is expensive, about five times as expensive as stainless steel. ... This is not due to availability, because titanium is not rare; on the contrary, it is the ninth most common element in the earth's crust and the fourth most common metal after aluminum, iron, and magnesium.

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